Clomensa brings people, process and technology together to help our clients leverage their IT infrastructure and information more efficiently and effectively to attain their business goals. Our Clients consider us their trusted partner because we always recommend and implement vendor agnostic solutions that are centered around their long term interests


  • Our Vision is to use our technology expertise to shift the balance of power between the large technology vendors and our clients.
  • We understand that while vendor lock-in and high switching costs are great for technology vendors, they are terrible for our clients
  • We believe that if our customers are offered comparable open source and open standard solutions for their IT problems backed up by reliable support, they will prefer such solutions to vendor proposed solutions that lock them into specific technologies and increase their operational costs
  • We trust that if we do right by our clients, they will do right by us

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Strive to be open with our actions, and maintain high ethical and moral standards in our business practices.
  • Leadership: Empower our employees with knowledge and resources to aid them in making sensible decisions and unleash their potential and creativity. We achieve and exceed our client’s expectations and work to be a thought leader in our field.
  • Value our Clients: Our customer’s success is our success. We strive to find the best and most effective means to meet the needs of our customers. 100% satisfaction is our Guarantee!

How are we different?

  • Focused by design
    • We know what we are good at and stick to our core strengths
    • We will only grow in a way that will allow us to provide impeccable service to our customers
    • We are not all things to all clients.
  • Client focus
    • We listen more than we talk
    • We seek to understand what our clients needs are, before we present solutions
    • We actively communicate with our clients and work with them to to mutually define success
  • Cost Effective AND High Quality
    • We focus on providing cost effective solutions, but never tolerate low quality work
    • We spend a lot of time understanding our client’s unique needs to make sure that we always provide solutions that fit within our clients budget, but also delivers the desired results