A Partner you can trust for your cloud and cyber security needs

We are a small and client focused consulting organization that prides ourselves in listening to our customers goals and strategies before recommending solutions. Instead of confusing our clients with technical jargon, our consultants translate their technical know-how to answer the all important “So what” questions. Our team can show you how implementing cloud can help you in your business without incurring the overhead of your own complex IT infrastructure.

Our consultants are knowledageble in all the major cloud vendor technologies so you do not have to waste your time in evaluating vendors for your needs. We will identify the best solutions in the marketplace and customize it for your needs. We are vendor agnostic, so you can be sure that unlike some of our competitors, we won’t push a one size fits all vendor specific solution at you

If you are concerned about the security of your current cloud solutions, we can measure you agianst industry best practices, assess your environment and give you our honest feedback and heatmap on what you are doing well and where you need to improve to protect yourself from cyber attacks. Our roadmaps are very detailed and action oriented and layout a prioritized list of improvements that you can act uopn immediately.

We also provide vulnerability testing of your cloud environments so that potential vectors of attacks can be identified and stopped.